Dana Bumgardner


I care about my clients…
Unlike many national and regional law firms that burden the TV with advertisements and solicitations for clients, I rely on the recommendation of my legal services by word of mouth, my website and social media. Almost 90% of my new clients come to me from the recommendations of three main groups:

1) Former clients or their families,
2) Other lawyers or their support staff, and
3) Area healthcare providers or their staff.

Why do so many people recommend my firm for their friends and family? I believe it comes down to one word…integrity. To me this means effectively communicating with my clients about their legal matters, giving my best effort to each and every client, being approachable and easy to talk with yet always being candid in my legal assessment, advocating for my clients vigorously and most importantly, treating each client with the respect they deserve.

I am a professional…
I have helped my clients and their families with their legal claims and cases and do so in a professional manner. The basis of my practice is that of providing professional legal advice and services to my clients without bias or prejudice. In that sense, you can be assured that the legal services you receive are exactly what I would expect of a lawyer if I were the client.

I care about my community…
Just as important as my professional accomplishments is my commitment to my community. I have served as a Paramedic for a number of years and have over the course of time helped hundreds of patients in their time of medical need. I understand pain and suffering more than you can imagine and with that understanding comes compassion for those who are hurting physically, mentally and emotionally. The care and compassion I bring to you as a client is one that you cannot underestimate when you begin your search for a lawyer to handle your legal needs. I care about my community and her citizens and pledge to be there in your time of need!
I not only have a mission statement, I live it…

I take my commitment to you as a client seriously!